Now available as ETFs: Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF (HIG) and Tech Leaders Income ETF (TLF)

As ETFs, HIG and TLF benefit from increased trading liquidity, reduced bid-ask spreads, and lower MERs

In addition, HIG and TLF will continue to:

  • Deliver the same actively managed investment strategies;
  • Provide high monthly distributions; and
  • Offer investors access to growth sectors, Healthcare & Technology, which are under-represented in the Canadian market

Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF

Diversified portfolio of large cap global Healthcare companies selected by the Brompton PM team, and complemented by an actively managed covered call program.

7.3% Annual Distribution Rate1

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Tech Leaders Income ETF

Diversified portfolio of large cap global technology companies selected by the Brompton PM team, and complemented by an actively managed covered call program.

5.8% Annual Distribution Rate1

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